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Crouching Tiger Karate

Shotokan Karate Colour Belt Syllabus 

(11TH KYU – 10TH KYU) 
Kihon:  (Basic Techniques)
From Zenkutsu Dachi (Forward Stance):
5 forwards, turn, 5 forwards
1. Oi Zuki (Lunge Punch)
2. Age-Uke (Rising Block) 
3. Soto-Uke (Outside Block) 
4. Uchi-Uke (Inside Block) 
5. Gedan-Barai (Low Block) 
6. Mae Geri (Front Kick)  
Kata:  Taikyoku Shodan 
Well done!  You have now graduated
from our Tiger Cubs Syllabus and will begin our
Crouching Tiger Shotokan Syllabus

Tips from the examiner

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All Karateka must perform techniques with
confidence, focus and martial spirit.
Katas should be performed without mistakes, demonstrating correct stances,
good posture, exact technique and tempo. 
 In particular, examiners will be checking:
9th-8th Kyu
Kihon and Kata: Exact stances and block preparations.  
7th-6th Kyu
Kihon and Kata: Good posture and hip rotation. 
Kumite: Awareness of their own safety at all times
(effective guard and knowing when to
engage/disengage) with balance and
good control (skin touch). 
5th -4th Kyu 
Kihon and Kata: Each technique
and stance must be executed exactly
and with strong kime (focus).  
Kumite: Accurate, technical strikes with good timing. 
3rd-1st Kyu 
Kihon and Kata: Strong kime and indomitable spirit.
Kumite: Powerful strikes with good control
to the head maintaining
zanshin (awareness) constantly. 

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