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Shodan Grading Written Assessment


 1. Write Karate-Do in Japanese calligraphy.


2. Name 5 blocks in English and Japanese.


3. Name 5 kicks in English and Japanese.


4. Name 5 hand attacks in English and Japanese.


5. Name 5 stances in English and Japanese.


6. Explain ways to increase power
in karate techniques.


7. What is the meaning of Karate?


8. What is the meaning of Shotokan?


9. Summarise the importance of Anko Itosu
and Gichin Funakoshi to the history of Karate.


10. Name another martial artist who has inspired
your training and give reasons why.


11. Why is insurance important for
both instructors and students?


12. What is your favourite of the five
Dojo Kun and why?


13. What is your favourite of
Funakoshi's 20 precepts and why?


14. Explain the 'Do' in Karate-Do


15. Explain the reason for having different
colour belts or ranks


16. Why do you want to become
a Black Belt in Karate?  
Shodan Grading Syllabus 


Kihon:  (Basic Techniques)
All Kihon techniques are performed from Jiyu-Dachi.   
1. Kizame-Zuki, Suri-Ashi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back  
2. Kizame-Zuki, Oi-Zuki x3
Turn – same back 
3. Oi-Zuki, Suri-Ashi, Kizame-Zuki x3
Turn – same back  
4. Oi-Zuki, Suri-Ashi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back  
5. Kizame-Zuki, Oi-Zuki, Suri-Ashi, Gyaku-Zuki x2
Turn – same back  
6. Any Zuki Combination
Turn – same back 
7. Gyaku-Zuki, Mae-Geri x3
Turn – same back  
8. Gyaku-Zuki, Yoko-Geri-Kekomi x3
Turn – same back  
9. Ushiro-Geri,  Uraken Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back  
10. Mae-Geri, Yoko-Geri Kekomi, Mawashi-Geri,
Ushiro-Geri, Uraken-Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki  x1
Turn – same back  
11. Any Geri Combination
Turn – same back  
12. Stationary Kicking: Mae-Geri, Yoko-Geri,
Mawashi-Geri, Ushiro-Geri x3
Both legs  


Candidate chooses from:
Jion, Kanku-Dai, Enpi, Hangetsu,  


 Examiner chooses from:
Bassai-Dai, Tekki Shodan, Heian Katas 1-5
and Taikyoku Shodan.  


Jiyu-Kumite.  Format and number of rounds
to be decided by the examiner.
 Demonstration of five self-defence techniques 


 Demonstration of five Kata applications 
This is where the 
Crouching Tiger Shodan Syllabus ends
and our Nidan Syllabus begins.
brown double stripe.png

Crouching Tiger Karate

Shotokan Karate Colour Belt Syllabus 

red stripe.png
red belt .png
yellow stripe red.png
yellow belt.png
blue mbelt.png
orange belt.png
green belt.png
purple stripe.png
purple belt.png
green stripe.png
brown belt2.png
brown stripe2.png
brown double stripe.png
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Annotation 2020-03-26 120145.png

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