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Crouching Tiger Karate is a discipline for life. 

We offer classes that are tailor made to suit all ages from infants right through to adults.



are offered the perfect introduction to karate and many other sports.  


Rather than follow a traditional grading syllabus, these classes - often

held during school hours and in their nursery premises - are modified to suit each budding student. Students who start this early tend to develop a natural ease

and a sense of intuitiveness for karate and sports.

We identify their individual strengths and ability and teach them

to maximise their balance, coordination and automotive skills

by tailoring activities that use basic karate techniques. 



will start with our Tiger Cubs Syllabus which is adapted to suit our young beginners. 

This is where they learn to build character as they enjoy progressing from belt to belt,

while gently being introduced to the concepts of

self-discipline, respect and good etiquette. 


Feedback from parents suggests that our karate lessons are an excellent confidence builder for shy children and an outstanding channelling activity for energetic children.












will be offered our Shotokan Syllabus - a more  traditional karate

grading syllabus with colour belt gradings that go from

white belt through to black, six years to adulthood


Fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination is developed quickly, and even as a beginner, these skills will become evident after just a few classes.


These classes also introduce and encourage strength of character

by valuing discipline, concentration and respectful behaviour.


To progress in karate, quality of character is favoured

just as highly as quality of technique.



start with an aerobic warm up which incorporates

stretches and strength exercises then focuses on

basic techniques such as KIHON (punches, kicks and blocks),

KATA (sequences of moves) and KUMITE (basic sparring exercises).  



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