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Sensei Ben is unique in that he makes the classes really stimulating for the children so there is no effort in getting them there. 

Parent of two students (a girl of 4 and a boy of 6 years))


Sensei Ben and Sensei Tom create such an inviting and intuitive teaching environment, it is easy for anyone to join in and feel they belong.  My son has always been quite shy but he feels right at home in their Dojo and has found the confidence to develop quite a passion for karate.

Parent of student (a boy of 10 years )


My daughter, who has mild special needs, has benefitted tremendously from Sensei Ben's sensitivity and understanding. His classes have been a great complement to her physiotherapy programme and his approach has given her a great boost in confidence

Parent of student  (girl of 13 years)

This dojo has lived up to all its recommendations and Sensei Ben has exceeded my expectations in how he handles the children.

Parent of student  (girl of 9 years)

Sensei Ben doesn't just teach karate. He uses thorough intelligence and outstanding leadership skills to elevate their thinking. 

Parent of two students (boy of 14 and girl of 15 years)

I have always found Sensei Ben Pethick to be a responsible and trustworthy teacher who knows how to engage the children and motivate them. He is a natural teacher

Parent of student  (girl of 6 years)

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Georgia Fransella, Nursery Manager, Twic

Georgia Fransella, Manager,

Twickenham Park Day Nursery


Dr Sally Corbett, Headmistress, 

Busy Bee Nursery School

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Matilda Marriott, Headmistress,

Bright Sparks Montessori School


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