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When students reach 6 years of age, they are ready for

Crouching Tiger Shotokan.


In these classes, they will begin to follow a traditional karate

grading syllabus with colour belt gradings that go from

white belt through to black.


Fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination is developed quickly,

and even in a beginner, these skills will become evident after just a few classes.


These classes also introduce and encourage strength of character by valuing discipline, concentration and respectful behaviour.


To progress in karate, quality of character is favoured just as highly as quality of technique.


These one hour, weekly classes start with an aerobic warm up which incorporates  stretches and strength exercises then focusses on basic techniques such as KIHON (punches, kicks and blocks), KATA (sequences of moves) and KUMITE (basic sparring exercises). 

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