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self defence workshops 

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In response to requests from both our karate students and members of the community who do not practice karate, we have used our skills and experience as martial art professionals to develop Crouching Tiger Self Defence Workshops.  


These regular three-hour workshops are open to everyone, whatever their age, whatever their experience.  


Whether you are a single student or a school, community, business,  conference, party, travel or friend group, our bespoke workshops will guide you through some easy-to-master, self-defence strategies in a fun and friendly environment.


These life skills are not based on Karate or any other martial arts training.  


You will benefit from insider tips on awareness and avoidance tactics.

You will also pick up some simple moves to help get the very most out of your self-defence.


Whether you are planning a party, leaving home or preparing to travel,

please book your place in a Crouching Tiger Self Defence Workshop.


Or contact us for a tailor made group package, ideal for business conferences, 11+ and university graduation parties, hen or stag parties, school and community groups. 


Make the most of your personal self defence skills and mentality.  No martial arts training or experience is required for these sessions.  You will learn new skills, adopt new strategies and increase your self defence confidence. These sessions are especially popular with those about to leave home or travel.

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