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Kihon: * (Basic Techniques)


All Kihon techniques are performed from Jiyu-Dachi. 


1. Kizame-Zuki, Oi-Zuki,
Suri-Ashi, Gyaku-Zuki x2
Turn – same back


2. Gyaku-Zuki, Oi-Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back


3. Kizame-Zuki, Oi-Zuki, Suri-Ashi,
Gyaku-Zuki, Oi-Zuki, Suri-Ashi, Gyaku-Zuki x1
Turn – same back


4. Mae Geri, Oi-Zuki, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back


5. Mae-Geri, same leg, Yoko-Geri-Kekomi,
Uraken-Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back


6. Mae-Geri, same leg, Mawashi-Geri,
Uraken-Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back


7. Mawashi-Geri, same leg, Yoko Geri,
Uraken-Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki x3
Turn – same back


8. Mae-Geri, Yoko-Geri-Kekomi, Mawashi-Geri,
Ushiro-Geri, Uraken-Uchi, Gyaku-Zuki x1
Turn – same back


9. Any Zuki Combination
Turn – same back


10. Any Geri Combination Turn – same back


11. Stationary Kicking: Mae-Geri, Yoko-Geri, Ushiro-Geri,
Mawashi-Geri, Ura-Mawashi-Geri x3
Both legs


 Candidate chooses from:
Kanku-Sho, Jitte, Nijushiho, Bassai-Sho, Tekki-Nidan
 Examiner chooses from:
Basai-Dai, Jion, Kanku-Dai, Enpi,
Hangetsu or any previous Kata


Jiyu Kumite.  Format and number of rounds
to be decided by the examiner 


Weapons defence for adults x 5
Unarmed self-defence (attacker’s choice)


Kata Applications:
One drill from each Kata in the Examiner’s choice list 
OR the complete bunkai of the Kata of the candidate’s choice 


Thesis on request of instructor 
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Crouching Tiger Karate

Shotokan Karate Colour Belt Syllabus 

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red belt .png
yellow stripe red.png
yellow belt.png
blue mbelt.png
orange belt.png
green belt.png
purple stripe.png
purple belt.png
green stripe.png
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brown stripe2.png
brown double stripe.png
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Annotation 2020-03-26 120145.png
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