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Sensei Tom Leask

Lead Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt- Shotokan Karate

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I have been doing martial arts since the age of 5, starting in Judo then switching to Tae Kwon-Do when we moved when I was 7. I competed heavily in Tae Kwon-Do until the age of 16, winning medals in national and international competitions and was training with members of the national squad.

I quit Tae Kwon-Do when my passion for martial arts dwindled and was overtaken by my passion for football.  However, while I was at University, I discovered mixed martial arts, my passion was reignited and once again, I immersed myself and started training in Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu.


After noting my dedication to martial arts, one of my university lecturers put me in touch with Sensei Ben in 2011 as he needed an assistant to help him in his Karate school.


I started training with Sensei Ben every day before helping out in the classes and took my 1st Dan Black Belt exam at the British Karate Association Headquarters in Manchester 18 months later.  I was assessed by the Chairman, Sensei Brian Seabright (7th Dan).

I have since competed and won medals at national competitions in karate and was awarded my 3rd Dan in 2018. I still train in Muay Thai/kickboxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu and adapt and apply that knowledge to Karate because I believe the art should be taught and practised as it was originally designed - as a complete fighting system with joint locks, throws and clinching. Not just kicks and punches.

I will continue to work hard, train smart, learn well and test my skills and character so that I may pass on any lessons and hopefully inspire all of our students to be the best possible version of themselves in all aspects of life, not just their karate training.
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