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Sensei Alex Glazebrook

Lead Instructor

Shodan-Ho Black Belt - Shotokan Karate

CTK Ben upper forward block black silhou

Previous to my karate career, and following a hip injury some years ago, my participation in sport involved little more than enthusiastic dog walking and armchair spectating.  Apart from dabbling in tai chi, even martial arts had not managed to capture my interest.


However, after starting classes at Crouching Tiger Karate, I was amazed at how quickly I became hooked.  Pretty much straight away, not only did I find karate engaging, I also found it personally rewarding.


After a few years as a CTK student, my passion and commitment was rewarded with an invitation to join as Assistant Instructor in 2012.  I have now been a member of the CTK Teaching Team for eight years and have become a Lead Instructor.


As a karate practitioner, I have developed a very strong interest in kata and the Shotokan mentality of self improvement. The fulfillment of seeing and feeling my own improvement in such disciplines has become a strength that has been of great benefit in all aspects of my life.


As an instructor, I achieve a deep sense of satisfaction from encouraging and supporting our students with their karate progress.


In many ways, I see a strong connection between my current work and my previous professional background and experience as a fully qualified and self-employed horticulturalist with a successful West London landscaping, gardening and tree surgery business.


Both careers share a single aim, and that is to nurture, develop and promote the strength and resilience of those for whom you are responsible.

I feel fortunate to be able to exercise my experience and intuition in this way and am very proud to be both a teaching leader and a teaching colleague within the Crouching Tiger Karate community.
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