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Crouching Tiger Karate offers Shotokan Karate and self-defence classes for children and adults in South-West London including: Kew (Richmond), St. Margaret's (Twickenham), Putney, Barnes and Chiswick. Our classes are a great way to exercise and learn self-defence in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.


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Robert and George Hilder


The Student Of The Month Award for February 2017 is awarded to both Robert and George Hilder. Robert has started to prepare for his Black Belt and is diligently training hard each class. He has also started to help teaching on Tuesdays in Putney. George has shown massive improvements in recent weeks and shown a new level of commitment which we hope to see continue!

Quote of the Month

“ Daniel-San, It OK lose to opponent; must not lose to fear! "

-  Mr. Miyagi - The Karate Kid  -