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Karate Update

Dear Parents and Karateka,

Following the government announcement on Tuesday I am pleased to report that for the time being the EKF (governing body of Karate) have told us that the new rules apply to contact and team sports and not Karate. So we can carry on with our Karate classes as we have been. We have been very diligent in following the social distancing and hygiene regulations and we must continue to work together and keep to the rules. I am amazed at how adaptable our members have been to these unusual restrictions and it has been a great pleasure to teach every single training session. 

Online Make Up Classes

Unfortunately the usual colds and viruses are spreading as they usually do at this time of year. People are being very sensible and staying away if they are not well. Please take advantage of our offer to attend an online make-up class if you can not make your class in the dojo. 

The online classes run every Thursday at 5pm and Saturday at 9:30am and are suitable for all ages and grades. 

The Zoom code has been emailed to all eligible members.

Reminder of the new protocols:

If you are not familiar with our Return to Dojo Protocols then please click here to remind yourself of the new rules. 

Everyone is doing very well with the protocols and they are bedding in nicely but I would like to highlight the following:

No Changing - Children are not allowed to change into their Karate suits in our venues, they need to arrive changed in the clothes that they are doing the class in. 

No Parents in the Venues - Parents are not allowed inside any of our venues and all the waiting areas are temporarily closed. 

Appropriate Footwear - Students must all wear appropriate and clean indoor footwear (not the shoes that you wear on arrival). Non-slip socks are fine but a lot of children are wearing their normal socks and these are not suitable for our classes. Please reply to this email if you would like us to provide you with martial arts-specific indoor shoes. If you forget your appropriate footwear, we have a stock of non-slip socks which we can sell you for £2.50 per pair. 

Face Masks - In Putney Methodist Church and Mortlake Powerstation children over 11 years old must wear face masks on arrival and departure. We recommend that parents also wear face masks for collection and drop off at all our venues. 

Belt Tying - We are not allowed to tie your belt when it falls off in class so now is a great time for our younger students to learn to tie their own belts. I just made a new video on our YouTube channel. Please click here to view the video

Thank you all for your part in helping us to get our club up and running in our venues again. 

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