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Half Term Newsletter

Dear Parents and Karateka,

We are really enjoying the online classes but we miss seeing you all in person and we really miss those who are not taking part in the online classes. In half term (week commencing 25th May) we will not be having our online classes but we have organised some social events and fitness classes which we hope will be a chance to connect with more people. All these events are free of charge and will take place on the same Zoom link that we use for our normal classes. They are also open to all our students that have not been taking part in online classes, we would particularly love to see you at these classes and events.

Quiz - Tuesday 26th May at 4:30pm

Quiz Master Ben will be asking questions on Martial Arts, Japan, Super Heroes and General Knowledge. Parents are encouraged to join in (especially with our younger students who might need a bit of help) and there will be prizes for the winners and for the best background (virtual or real) as well as for the most interestingly dressed team.

Origami - Thursday 28th May at 4:30pm

Following the success and popularity of Senpai Alex’s origami swan and frog sessions last week we have decided to do a session dedicated to Origami.

You can expect to learn how to make paper ninja-stars and other impressive folded treats.

Martial Fitness Classes Karate classes are on hold just for one week but that doesn’t mean we need to drop our fitness. Please join me for these challenging but very rewarding classes. The exercises are all based around improving our strength, fitness and flexibility in order to aid our Karate development. Tuesday 26th May at 11:00am Thursday 28th May at 11:00am

New YouTube Videos

The CTK Calendar is now live on our new website. The online class timetable is displayed as well as our half term sessions. When things get back to normal we will put all the gradings, tournaments and extra classes on the calendar.

I am sure that it will come as no surprise to you all that we are not planning to open our dojos on 1st June with the phased reopening of some schools. We will continue to run the same timetable of classes on Zoom after half term until there is a time that we can safely return to classes in the dojo in accordance with government guidelines. I will keep you updated on our decision making process.

I hope to see lots of you at the social and fitness events in half term. Especially those we haven't seen since lockdown. Let's stay positive, make the most of our extra time with our families and come back stronger!

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