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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Crouching Tiger Karate Newsletter 13th April 2020

Dear Parents and Karateka,

I am very excited to announce that our new Crouching Tiger Karate website is now LIVE.

I feel that our new website now reflects our mission to be a welcoming and forward thinking club providing high quality and professional martial arts tuition.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of our new website and we would love to know what you think; any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For the best experience I would advise you to look at the website first on your laptop or computer. The mobile site is a slightly reduced site so that it is suitable for the smaller screen, and there are a few extra features that you will see on the computer that you will not have full access to on a tablet.

The website that is live now is the first stage of our launch. The webshop and online bookings page are not yet active. There will be plenty of exciting new features that will be announced in due course.

Please click here to go straight to our new homepage. The web address is the same as it was before: www.crouchingtigerkarate.co.uk

Sensei Tom's free Kickboxing trial class is on Tuesday 14th April at 4:30pm (suitable for teens and adults).

Summer Term online classes begin on Wednesday 15th April. This is our online classes timetable. The first class is our morning fitness session at 8:00am. We look forward to welcoming you to all our classes.

To join our classes on Zoom you can just click on the link that was emailed to you.

New YouTube Videos:

We have just added two new videos on our Youtube channel that I am sure you will enjoy.

Heian Shodan - Step by Step With a Senpai

Tora Tournament Kumite Final 2019

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