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Autumn Term Planning

Dear Parents and Karateka,

I hope that you are all managing to have a good summer holiday.

We are very excited to start teaching again in our venues and we can’t wait to see you!

All our public venues will be opening again:

Monday in Orleans Primary School, St. Margaret’s

Adult Class in St. Stephen’s School, St. Margaret's

Tuesday in Putney Methodist Church

Tuesday in Mortlake Hall

Wednesday in St. Luke’s House, Kew

Thursday in St. Michael’s Church, Grove Park

Friday in Duke’s Meadow, W4

Saturday in The Old Powerstation, Mortlake

Term will start on Monday 14th September.

We will also be continuing to provide online classes this term as well classes in the park when weather permits.

East Sheen Primary School, Kew Green School and Ravenscourt Park School will not be hosting clubs this term so if you usually attend those schools you can either carry on with online classes for this term until the school allows clubs again, or you can sign up to classes in one of our other venues.

Covid-19 Measures:

We have detailed guidance from the EKF (governing body of Karate) which we will fully comply with. We have updated our risk assessment for extra safety and hygiene measures and I will publish this in full soon. The key points of difference are:

  • Smaller classes (maximum 15 or smaller if the room can not take 15 with social distancing).

  • Longer breaks in between classes to avoid congestion and mixing of groups.

  • No waiting rooms will be open - there will be a specific pick up and drop off policy to each venue.

  • No bare feet. We will need to wear non-slip socks.

  • No contact activity (including padwork)

  • Stationary training and spaces marked on floors for each person.

  • No shouting (we will have to whisper our Kaiais :-))

  • The wearing of face masks in line with the government phased return plan.

Please remember that this is a phased return and the rules and regulations will change one way or the other and we will adapt accordingly. It may sound like all the fun is being taken out of it but I can assure you that we will be ensuring that everyone has a great time in our classes despite all the precautions that are now in place! We pride ourselves on having a wonderful atmosphere in our club and we will make our class something that our members value and look forward to each week. We are also lucky that in Karate there is lots of material that we can practice without contact and in our own space.


I am aware that lots of clubs have already opened their registration platforms but I am not quite ready to open ours at this stage. Due to the spaces in the classes being restricted I can not guarantee everyone that they will have a space in their chosen class. I have already made enquiries into opening more classes in the venues on different days as well as opening new venues to cope with the extra demand for spaces so if we can not fit you into your preferred class time then we should be able to offer you a suitable alternative.

I will be in touch again before the end of this month with all the detail of how to enrol and how spaces will be allocated.

Best wishes,

Sensei Ben Pethick

020 8560 5267

07734 655 057

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