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Orleans Primary School, St. Margaret's - Monday afternoon for adults and children

Putney Methodist Church - Tuesday afternoon

St. Luke's House, Kew - Wednesday afternoon

St. Michael's Church, Grove Park - Thursday afternoon

Duke's Meadow Community Hall - Friday afternoon

The Old Powerstation, Mortlake - Saturday afternoon



Tiger Cubs Karate

Tiger Cubs Karate offer classes that are specifically designed for girls and boys from 4-6 years old. The classes are really fun for the children, and it is a great introduction to Karate and all sports. The children do not follow a traditional grading syllabus, and the classes are tailored to suit their individual ability. Tiger Cubs Karate classes improve the balance, strength, coordination and automotive skills of the children through learning basic Karate techniques and games. In conjunction with the physical benefits, Tiger Cubs Karate also helps to develop the children's character through teaching discipline, respect and the importance of good etiquette. Learning Karate helps to build confidence in shy children, and channel energy in a positive way for the more boisterous children. Classes run for half an hour, once a week and at the end of every term there will be a fun grading where the children will be awarded a merit badge and certificate. The grading will also be a chance for the parents to come and see their children do Karate, and the children always enjoy showing their Karate to an audience and being rewarded for all the effort that they have put into their Karate.

Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate

Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate classes are for children over 6 years old. The children follow a traditional Grading Syllabus, and when they pass their Gradings successfully they receive a Colour Belt. Karate is an excellent way to gain fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. The physical benefits of Karate training will be seen after only a few classes. Karate also helps to improve the discipline, concentration and manners of its participants. In order to achieve progress through the ranks, the children must show development in their character as well as their Karate technique. Classes run for one hour each week. A typical class will include an aerobic warm-up with stretches and strength exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. The class will then work on basic techniques(Kihon) such as punches, kicks and blocks, sequences of moves(Kata) and basic sparring exercises(Kumite).



Tiger Cubs Karate Term Fees:

Half an Hour Once a Week - £90.

Half an Hour Twice a Week - £135.

Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate Term Fees:

45 Minutes Once a Week - £100

45 Minutes Twice a Week - £150

1 Hour Once a Week - £110

1 Hour Twice a Week - £165

BKA Licence with EKF Insurance:

New Licence with Red Licence Book - £25

Renewals - £20

Replacement Licence Books - £7.50

Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate Gradings - £25


Plain White Karate Suit with Club Badge - £30

CTK T-Shirts - £10

CTK Zip-Up Hoodies - £25

CTK Kit Bag - £25

Karate Headbands - £5

Sparring Equipment:

Full Set for Boys - £60

Full Set for Girls - £55

Helmet - £25

Gloves - £20

Shinn/Foot Protectors - £15

Gumshield - £4

Groin Box - £7.50

Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate Annual Insurance and Affiliation Fee

There is an annual insurance and affiliation fee of £25 for all Crouching Tiger Shotokan Karate students. This covers affiliation to the British Karate Association (BKA), public liability insurance and a small administration charge. With this fee the student will receive a BKA Record Book in which all successful Grading promotions, courses, tournaments and events will be recorded.

Notice Period

If, for whatever reason, a student wishes to discontinue with Crouching Tiger Karate tuition then at least half a term's written notice is required prior to leaving. If the minimum notice period is not honoured, you may be liable to pay for half a term's fees regardless of whether you attend the classes. This notice period encourages the Karate student to persevere with training and to think carefully before giving up.

All fees can be paid either at the beginning of term, or in two equal instalments at the beginning of term and after half-term. All cheques should be made payable to CROUCHING TIGER KARATE.


Birthday Parties

Crouching Tiger Karate Birthday Parties are fun, and a very original way for a child to celebrate their special day! The children will learn basic Karate skills and exercises as well as play lots of exciting games. Our instructors will harness the children’s energy into controlled activity in a way that they will thoroughly enjoy.

Our Birthday Parties are tailor made to suit the age range and ability of the participants. The minimum age for a Crouching Tiger Karate Birthday Party is four and there is no maximum age.

Parties can be either one hour or two hours long. In a one-hour party we would conduct the activities for a full hour, after which we would leave and you would organize the rest of the party yourself. In a two-hour party we would have an hour of Karate, followed by a lunch-break for half an hour, followed by another half an hour of Karate at the end.

We will provide all the equipment that we need for the party as well as prizes and a special gift for the birthday girl or boy. We can also provide optional extras such as Headbands (£3.50 each), Crouching Tiger Medals (£3 each) or key rings (£3 each).

You will need to provide the venue as well as all decorations, food, drink, cake party bags… If you would like help finding a venue then please contact us as we know a lot of good venues for parties.

If there are over 14 guests then you will require two instructors for your party. If there are 14 guests or fewer then you will only need one instructor.

The prices of our birthday parties are as follows:

1-Hour Party with 1 instructor: £120

1-Hour Party with 2 instructors: £160

2-Hour Party with 1 instructor: £190

2-Hour Party with 2 Instructors: £240

If you would like to book a Crouching Tiger Karate Birthday Party then please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date and time and then download our Birthday Party Booking Form.